Fortress Doors

So very artfully portrayed
What a shameful set of days
How beautiful a lie
Til the very day we die
How dark is such a soul
That can claim you
Take you whole
How much we have to live
Oh so little left to give
But there’s plenty there to take
Til the demon comes awake
Then when we feed to him our eyes
His faithful souls will all arise
For they must soon begin to battle
The ground will shake, the earth will rattle
Though there is space for you to hide
We’ll not be letting you inside
We don’t doubt that you’ll be loyal
Tis but you that we will foil
Such a demon has us beaten
But your soul, he hasn’t eaten
Stay out there and fight alone
You will surely find your home
But until that time has come
We are rendered deaf and dumb
Please keep watch upon the hill
For it is you he cannot kill
And when he comes, don’t let him pass
Or he will see us through the glass
To stop the heart, do what you may
Or he will find another way
To see us, deaf and dumb, go blind
For with our sight, he’ll see your mind
And from within, he’ll watch you rot
And with your strength, he’ll take the lot
And every soul he has collected
Will be reshaped and redirected
And on towards the end of time
None with reason nor with rhyme
Chaos will reek throughout the land
The final rule by demon hand
Because you failed to play your role
By gift, the demon has your soul

So as we close the fortress door
Go forth, end this unholy war
Once you have closed the fortress gate
Please end the battle, do not wait

Go now, make haste, he has arrived
(The ghosts have sealed themselves inside)

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