Contextual Duality

It’s not the logic that escapes me
Nor is it criticality
But of the thought’s amalgamation
Contextual duality

It’s not the means that I am missing
Nor is it technicality
It’s broken somewhere in transmission
Excessive flare, formality

It isn’t thinking that befalls me
Nor manual dexterity
The absence of direct translation
Blurs all but perfect clarity

This mind, it’s mine
It’s grind is prime
Heavy, convoluted madness born of darkness, so sublime
Designed to climb
Refined, but twined
Lonely, introverted, lawless, infinite and void of time

It’s a blessing and an illness
Twined and scattered to-and-fro
Grandeur bound, enduring stillness
Captured in the undertow

However plagued and bound and broken
The might of bindings matter naught
A mind of potency imprisoned
Begets intense, ferocious thought

Reason and logic will inflate me
As will, the criticality
To deconstruct amalgamations
Reforming singularity

I’ll conquer ends my means were missing
By way of technicality
Construct new channels for transmission
Bare, stripped of formality

Ceaseless thinking carves my way free
With surgical dexterity
Lingual translations come directly
Beholding perfect clarity

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