Til the Noise is Gone

What do I do when the music is gone? Where do I go from here? Who's next to stand at the microphone? What do they want me to hear? What do I do when I'm all alone? What will control my fear? What do I do when the music is gone? Where do I go … Continue reading Til the Noise is Gone

Pardon the Absence

Hello again, folks. I would like to apologize for the hiatus. I am going to try and get back on track and keep you updated with regularly posted material. I have some of my first submittals to post for you guys. I hope that you all keep reading and spreading the word about my...well...words.

Carolina Rebellion

This is the place you'll want to find yourself when the first weekend of May rolls around. May 5th, 6th, and 7th will be overflowing with great music and even better experiences. I'll be in my tent on the camp grounds when I'm not getting lost in a sea of people. Come have an unforgettable … Continue reading Carolina Rebellion

Happy New Year! 2017>2016

Happy New Year, everyone. May it be filled with love and music and poetry (of the cerebrally inebriating quality)  and blessings of all kinds. I hope the new year is as great as I'm expecting mine to be. Here's to less worry, more comfort and better security. All that I'll resolve for the new year … Continue reading Happy New Year! 2017>2016

A Rare Case of Understanding

I’ve found myself wondering Like I always seem to do Contemplating complex notions But I’m baffled I’m confused What does it take for me What will it take to see To see the human in you What do I gotta do To get from you To get just a little A little bit of understanding … Continue reading A Rare Case of Understanding

Before Blue Was a Color

Blue is only a color, whatever Whatever colors our seas and skies But this hue has not been in our spectrum forever Nor has it colored our eyes It must have been dreary outside back then And what a sad set of iris to see What, with no blues, did we sing in our music … Continue reading Before Blue Was a Color

My Wish I’d Wish

If by some grand impossibility The wish I wish the most were true Not for power, fame, or gold I'd ask But other minds from which to view Broadened sight would bring humility Sudden wealth, but disillusion Peace of mind is sharpened vision Fame and power, but illusion True wealth is measured not in gold … Continue reading My Wish I’d Wish

Contextual Duality

It's not the logic that escapes me Nor is it criticality But of the thought's amalgamation Contextual duality It's not the means that I am missing Nor is it technicality It's broken somewhere in transmission Excessive flare, formality It isn't thinking that befalls me Nor manual dexterity The absence of direct translation Blurs all but … Continue reading Contextual Duality