All God’s Children

by: Mertle In the night, in my dreams, I hear all of God's children and their nightmarish screams. I was dreaming about nightmares, when I had plenty of my own. The world is full of many cares and many seeds are left unsown.

Coffee With Underhill 12/15/16 

This is a spoken word poetry podcast on SoundCloud. It is called Coffee With Underhill. This is an entryfrom December 15, 2016 featuring a poem of mine called Contextual Duality. It begins around the 2:30 mark of the recording. I hope you will take a listen and give this kind poet some love.  Coffee With … Continue reading Coffee With Underhill 12/15/16 

Contextual Duality

It's not the logic that escapes me Nor is it criticality But of the thought's amalgamation Contextual duality It's not the means that I am missing Nor is it technicality It's broken somewhere in transmission Excessive flare, formality It isn't thinking that befalls me Nor manual dexterity The absence of direct translation Blurs all but … Continue reading Contextual Duality

Fortress Doors

So very artfully portrayed What a shameful set of days How beautiful a lie Til the very day we die How dark is such a soul That can claim you Take you whole How much we have to live Oh so little left to give But there's plenty there to take Til the demon comes … Continue reading Fortress Doors

America, The Dutiful

America, the dutiful Land of everything-for-sale Come hear the freedom ring But don't forget to bring Some extra cash to pay your bail We give trophies for participation Come get your consolation prize See us riot over words and wages Watch us bow to the unwise America, the mutable Land of what's-in-it-for-me Come hear the … Continue reading America, The Dutiful

Of the Sun and the Wind

The glimmer in your eyes is one of peculiarity The shadows in your head catch my drift Your soul is of wonderful irregularity Your touch moves me, sends me adrift You are psychedelic Prismatic Kleidoscopic Angelic It's magic The current in your soul is one of singularity The fire in your eyes sets me ablaze … Continue reading Of the Sun and the Wind