Pardon the Absence

Hello again, folks. I would like to apologize for the hiatus. I am going to try and get back on track and keep you updated with regularly posted material. I have some of my first submittals to post for you guys. I hope that you all keep reading and spreading the word about my...well...words.

Carolina Rebellion

This is the place you'll want to find yourself when the first weekend of May rolls around. May 5th, 6th, and 7th will be overflowing with great music and even better experiences. I'll be in my tent on the camp grounds when I'm not getting lost in a sea of people. Come have an unforgettable … Continue reading Carolina Rebellion

Happy New Year! 2017>2016

Happy New Year, everyone. May it be filled with love and music and poetry (of the cerebrally inebriating quality)  and blessings of all kinds. I hope the new year is as great as I'm expecting mine to be. Here's to less worry, more comfort and better security. All that I'll resolve for the new year … Continue reading Happy New Year! 2017>2016

Introduction to Cerebriation

Hello and welcome. I am Cerebriation. My brand of philosophical and universal wordplay is designed to make you think and challenge your perspective. Ideas presented here may cause slight disruptions of thought, and can possibly lead to intoxication of the Cerebrum. (Cerebral Inebriation). I have much to share with anyone willing to pay a visit, and I hope that you … Continue reading Introduction to Cerebriation