Bread and Blood and Love

After all was said and done
I’m a bastard and a bastard’s son
I’m just a loser and an ugly waste of air
After all, it’s time to go
I’ve left us all, for all you know
For you and yours, it’s them who’ve never cared

But it matters not to me
That all I’ve got and got to be
Is with me and mine, with bread and blood and love
And so it is, what isn’t so
Of everything you have to know
We’re one with all and all is that’s above

And so, a bastard I am not
My father’s son is all he’s got
He wills I’ll be what he could never be
A loser and a waste of air
I’d shed if it was ever there
All I’ve shown and all you’ve seen was never me

I’ve come and gone, I’ll come and go
I will return, just so you’ll know
As I return from whence I went, far from the same
I’ve come to past, what’s past has come
It bothers not to bother some
If you’ve come for comfort, you’re the one to blame

If today I’m gone, I’ll go today
Too much is said, with naught to say
Come back to me, I’ll never make it back
The bread has hardened, Blood has spilled
We kill for time with time to kill
As the darkness fades, I’ll only fade to black

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