America, The Dutiful

America, the dutiful
Land of everything-for-sale
Come hear the freedom ring
But don’t forget to bring
Some extra cash to pay your bail

We give trophies for participation
Come get your consolation prize
See us riot over words and wages
Watch us bow to the unwise

America, the mutable
Land of what’s-in-it-for-me
Come hear the eagle’s cry
And don’t forget to buy
Things you didn’t know you need

We use dollars as precipitation
And for designing mass demise
See our soldiers off for wars we’re waging
Welcome them home, dehumanized

Semi-worship demigods
Desensitize the youth
Introduced to institutions
Sheltered from the truth
Reproducing grand delusions
Feigned from disabuse
Catalyzing dissolution
Rampant overuse

America, the flammable
Land of tell-us-what-to-be
Sit and watch the TV set
Remember to forget
Everything you’re meant to be

We’re using media in propagation
For spreading fear, mongering hate
Watch as we enslave the population
As we divide, control, and regulate

America, disposable
Land of lay-it-all-to-waste
Forget to disobey the man
And die where you stand
Quickly, please, Make haste!

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